Fraser Island Camping

Camping is one of the most popular ways to explore Fraser Island, it gives visitors the freedom to choose from a range of public and private campgrounds on the island. Permits must first be obtained from the Department of Environment and Resource Management.

There are 7 main Fraser Island camping areas: Five managed by the government Department of Environment and Resource Management, and two operated privately.

For accommodation in resorts on the island: Fraser Island accommodation.

Developed camping areas are provided by the Department of Environment and Resource Management at Central Station, Lake Boomanjin, Lake McKenzie, Dundubara, Waddy Point and Wathumba. Some of the facilities provided are:- toilets, showers, picnic tables, barbecues and limited supplies of wood, however it is recommended that campers should bring a non-wood stove i.e. gas burners as wood is not always available. (Do not bring your own firewood as it may introduce insect and other pests to the island).

Facilities at the commercial camping areas located at Dilli Village and Cathedral Beach typically include: - toilets, showers and barbeques fresh water. Beach camping is permitted at undeveloped sites along the east coast and some locations on the west coast.

For the more adventurous, Fraser Island camping along the eastern beach is very popular with those who like solitude. Camping permits are still required. Camping is permitted anywhere along the beach where there is an existing campsite and vehicle access. All beach camping sites are set back just behind the dunes, it is not permitted to drive over the dunes or through vegetated areas if there is no existing track, use only established access to campsites.

Some localities where camping is prohibited e.g. Eli Creek, these areas are usually marked by signposting.


Before arriving on Fraser Island you must obtain a Fraser Island Information pack containing maps and important safety information along with your Vehicle Service Permit and / or Camping Tag from Department of Environment and Resource Management contacts and useful websites below:

Purchase in person from: Brisbane City is Level 3, 400 George Street, Brisbane 4000

By Phone: 1300 130 372

Websites: Camping Fees, Permits & Fees, Park Info

Campers Tips

- All domestic animals are prohibited from the Recreation Area except for guide dogs for the disabled, for which a permit is required.
- Do not camp within 100 meters of a lake or 50 meters of creeks.
- Leave your campsite as you found it. Do not clear it, dig trenches or cut trees for tent poles.
- Use fuel stoves in preference to wood fires. Or use wood that has been provided.
- Do not feed or encourage the dingoes or other wildlife.
- Dispose of rubbish in the proper bins or remove it from the island when you leave.
- Do not use detergents or soaps in lakes and streams - it pollutes the water and harms aquatic life.
- Observe hygiene standards when camping without toilet facilities and bury human waste.
- Respect the peace of other campers. Do not create excess noise.
- Boil or treat water before use.
- Read signs and brochures carefully.

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