Fraser Island Lakes

Fraser Island's abundant pristine fresh water lakes and crystal clear creeks are great spots to view unique flora and fauna and also provide a welcome oasis on hot summer days. There are a verity of tour operators that provide guided tours to Fraser Island that visit many of the main lakes, tours depart daily from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Noosa and Hervey Bay. Fraser Island has at least 40 lakes including half of the world's perched dune lakes. Lake Boomanjin, the largest perched lake in the world, is one of the island's most picturesque. The most popular lakes are Lake Mckenzie, Wabby, Birrabeen, Bowarrady and Boomanjin.

Lake McKenzie is by far the most sought after Lake attraction on Fraser with its crystal clear waters, white sand and is often completely circled by white beaches that covers more than 140 hectares and reaching a depth of over 5 metres.

There are three types of lakes on Fraser Island, window, barrage and perched lakes, Window lakes occur when the ground drops below the water table. The fine white sandy base acts as filters, giving the Water its clarity. Barrage Lakes are formed when moving sand dunes block a watercourse. All the lakes on Fraser is unique and well worth taking the time out to visit.

Lake McKenzie Lake Mckenzie