Fraser Island Wildlife

Fraser Island Wildlife has a diverse range of bird life and native animals on the Island, most of the native animals recorded are small and nocturnal, visitors to Fraser Island can participate in guided tours that provide night spotting excursions to experience the wildlife fist hand. Bird watching is another popular tour that visitors to Fraser Island can enjoy. The wildlife that visitors to Fraser Island can expect to see is some of the hundreds of species of birds including Australia's stork, the jabiru, possums, flying foxes, echidnas and eastern Australia's purest population of dingo.

In many of the freshwater lakes a unique species of tortoise can be found, while the water that surrounds the island is home to dugong's , dolphins and turtles.

During the months of August - November the Magnificent humpback whales, with their young, pass on the western side of the Island, these magnificent giants of the sea can been seen from some of the cliffs on Fraser Island.

Dingo on Fraser Island Lake Mackenzie