Fraser Island Location and Information

Location - Fraser Island is located just off Queensland's south central coast approx on the latitudes of Marlborough and Bundaberg.

How to get to Fraser Island - There are basically two main access points to Fraser Island - from the south via Rainbow Beach (Inskip Point) and from the west via Hervey Bay. Rainbow Beach can be reached using a variety of routes, the main two being through Gympie and from Noosa along Tewah Beach.

Hervey Bay is located on the coast about 30km north-east of Maryborough. Vehicular ferries depart on a regular basis from both location, tide conditions and barge timetable should be checked whilst planning your trip. Due to the sandy conditions on Fraser Island it is recommended that a four wheel drive should be used to access the Island.

Fraser Island Roads and 4wd Tracks - The main routes and circuits are clearly marked on the various Fraser Island Maps available, some maps also outline access to the majority of the island's attractions. All roads are sand and signposting is usually displayed on the designated tourist drives, but is recommended that visitors carry a map.

Fraser Island Camping - There are several major camping grounds with facilities located on Fraser island, three are on the east coast and three in the southern lakes region and one on the west coast (national park). Camping is also allowed along much of the beach and in some inland areas, but you should obtain up to date information from a national park office before you travel.

General Facilities - Facilities and services on Fraser Island include shops supplying basic foods, and fuel outlets, these can be located Kingfisher Bay Resort on the west coast, Eurong Beach Resort and Cathedral Beach on the east coast. Fraser Island has a limited range of emergency mechanical services, it is recommended that your vehicle is fully service before you trip.

Attractions - The lakes and creeks on Fraser Island are regarded by many visitors as the most impressive and distinctive features with the most famous lakes being Lake McKenzie, Boomanjin and Birrabeen. Fraser Island offers a variety of opportunities for sightseeing, photography, freshwater swimming, bushwalking, fishing, four wheel driving and an array of bird watching. Whale Watching has become a major attraction in the nearby Hervey Bay marine Park with tours available departing from Fraser Island.

Eli Creek is a large creek which spills out millions of litres of water an hour across the beach located a few kilometres north of Happy Valley. Scenic board walks have been erected along the banks for visitors to view the creek, it is also a popular swimming area for children and adults alike.

Massive satinay trees can be found at Pile Valley in the upper part of the Wanggoolba Creek catchment they grow amid palms and rainforest. These trees are regarded as one of the Island's biological marvels, the only place on the planet where rainforest grows on sand. Fraser Island Guided day tours and Camping safaris are also available for visitors to Fraser Island which visit most popular attractions.