Fraser Island Tours & Activities

World Heritage listed Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and offers a fantastic range of nature based attractions. One of few places on earth where rainforest grows out of sand, the towering rainforest of Fraser Island defies gravity, reaching towards the sky in an ancient display of disobedience that dwarfs bystanders below. There are also more than 100 freshwater lakes to explore, spectacular sand blows and huge sand formations, coloured sands, shipwrecks and an incredible 120km beach highway.

Fraser Island activities revolve around the islands incredible natural environment. Visitors can relax on soft white sand beaches, dive into the fresh, clear waters of Lake McKenzie situated atop a sand dune and swim in the unique ‘natural jacuzzi’ of the Champagne Pools. One of the most popular water holes on the island, these effervescent pools are created by crashing waves. Eli Creek is another unique waterway on the island. A fast-flowing fresh water creek that meets the beach, depending on conditions, the direction of the creeks water flow changes regularly.

Fraser Island is also known for some of the world’s best beach fishing and offers a variety of options for all skill levels. From seasoned professionals to novice anglers, there are a range of fishing experiences for everyone to enjoy. Some of the most popular fishing spots on Fraser Island including 75 Mile Beach, Sandy Cape, Indian Head and the Kingfisher Bay Jetty. There are a wide variety of fish species available year round including tailor, whiting, dart and jewfish.

For spectacular views along the coast both north and south, climb Indian Head and keep an eye out for turtles, huge rays, sharks, dolphins and whales. From June to October, Humpback Whales can be seen off 75 Mile Beach and off the western side of Fraser. Protected by Fraser Island, the Hervey Bay Marine Park also offers safe and calm waters for hundreds of humpback whales and calves from August to October.

Fraser Island Tours Fraser Island Tours

You will see some of the famous attractions located on the World Heritage listed island. Enjoy places like Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek and Indian Head, where you may be lucky enough to spot dolphins, rays, sharks, turtles or even whales swimming in the sea below.