Fraser Island Location & Map

Fraser Island is located just off Queensland's south central coast near Hervey Bay, which is situated about 30km north-east of Maryborough.

The largest sand island in the world, Fraser is named after shipwreck victim Eliza Fraser. This World Heritage listed sub-tropical island has a truly amazing array of natural wonders including beautiful rainforests, pristine lakes, endless surf beaches, immense sand blows, cliffs of coloured sands, crystal clear streams and vast stretches of mangroves.

The island is 125km long and over 160,000 hectares in area. It was formed during the ice age when the prevailing winds transported the vast quantities of sand from New South Wales and deposited it along the coast of Queensland, forming the island as we know it today.

Vehicular ferries depart on a regular basis from both locations; tide conditions and barge timetables should be checked whilst planning your trip. Due to the sandy conditions on Fraser Island it is recommended that a four wheel drive should be used to access the Island.